Follow Your Dream

Date: June 16, 2013 Author: cathleen Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

Follow your Speaking Dream       

So you want to be a paid speaking professional? Well, I encourage you to follow your dream.   Here’s the thing, though. Don’t get too fixed on exactly how it will unfold.

When I gave up my job (hated it!), sold my house and moved to Nova Scotia to write my memoirs, it took me just two weeks to discover that I didn’t want to write my memoirs. I got really tired of myself really fast!

So now what? I had burned my bridges. That was a good thing because otherwise I would have returned to Ontario and the same-old.

I couldn’t. So I started writing for business magazines and that was fun. And then I started the Atlantic branch of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. That was fun too.

And in the end, there were two books that came out of my three year stay in Nova Scotia. They just weren’t the books I originally imagined, though.

My message to you is this: Do follow your dream and also be completely receptive to the concept that it may manifest in a way that’s quite different from your fixed idea. Be flexible and always believe in yourself. That’s non-negotiable!



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