Get Real!

Date: May 29, 2013 Author: cathleen Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

What is the secret to creating a winning video?  And how can you win Speakers Gold Talent Search with your video?  How can you impress adjudicators and surpass your competitors? How can you be one of the top speakers?

In my view, the best speakers are real.  They’re authentic.  I think particularly in today’s market, saturated with simulations, there’s a real recognition of someone who is real.  Honest, direct and truly engaging.  A person who is who you say you are.

Why is that so hard?  Interesting question.  I’m not sure I have the answer but I do know that many of us find it difficult to just relax and be ourselves on camera or even in front of an audience.

If you can do that, you have a competitive edge.  If you can’t, well, you can learn how to drop your defenses and just relax into yourself. 

I started this speaker’s contest to give really talented speakers an opportunity to get out there in front of a global audience and be evaluated by people who are not in the speaking industry.  Because the people who hire speakers are not professional speakers themselves so they won’t necessarily marvel at your phenomenal choreography or great diction.  They will judge you by different standards; by how much your message moved them; by how connected you were to your message and to your audience.  By how memorable you are.  And how profound. 

You need to have some kind of a narrative, even in a three minute video.  If you just rhyme off unrelated sentences, you’ll have no impact at all.  But if you tell a story that’s meaningful to you, you’ll convey the meaning to the viewer as well. 

And there lies your power to influence, to persuade, to change lives.  And that’s really why you’re doing this, isn’t it?

So toss your hat in the ring.  And good luck!


Cathleen Fillmore




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