Getting Hired

Date: October 8, 2013 Author: cathleen Categories: default-import-blog-type-1

How do you get paid speaking engagements?

First of all, you need a promotional page that has your bio, your client list (if you have one), testimonials about what a great speaker you are, and a brief outline of up to three speeches (shouldn't be more than three).

You'll also need an updated professional photo. 

Those are the essentials.  You'll need a website (Don't forget to put your contact info on every page) and building a strong social media profile, particularly on linked in is a really good idea.  These days, meetings planners really check you out.

Find out what your competetion charges - you've got to hit that sweet spot - not too high, not too low - in order to be competetive in today's market. 

Do a few free speeches to get great testimonials, identify exactly who your ideal prospective audience is and then find and approach them.

It takes dedication and an unwavering belief in yourself to do well as a speaker - so get started and do not waver!




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